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En liten instans som tilhører sunniva og en til person.

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What is this?

The web page you're reading right now is served by an instance of GoToSocial, a federated, distributed, open-source microblogging software which connects to other instances across a network known as the "fediverse".

What is an "instance"?

"Instance" is a term commonly used for one node in the fediverse. Each instance has its own web address, user(s), culture, rules, and settings. Instances exchange data by "talking" to each other over the internet using a protocol called ActivityPub (opens in a new tab).

Each instance can, in theory, talk to each other instance, allowing people to talk to one another across a decentralized network that has no single authority in charge.

There are thousands of fediverse instances, connecting millions of people together.

How do I join the fediverse?

You can join the fediverse by running your own instance of an ActivityPub software, or by finding an existing instance that aligns with your values and expectations, and registering an account.

To help you find an instance that suits you, you can try one of the following tools:

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Client applications

Have an account on this instance and want to log in? GoToSocial does not provide its own webclient, but implements the Mastodon client API. You can use a variety of clients to log in to your account here:

  • Semaphore is a web client designed for speed and simplicity.

    Use Semaphore
  • Tusky is a lightweight mobile client for Android.

    Get Tusky
  • Feditext (beta) is a beautiful client for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

    Get Feditext
  • Or try one of the Mastodon clients listed on the official Mastodon page.

    Get Mastodon apps